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Book Review: Bad Boys for Hire: Nick (Bad Boys for Hire Series Book 3) - Rachelle Ayala


Carol was an avid mountain climber until an accident left her in a wheelchair. Love is the last thing on her mind until she hires Nick to play Santa. Shocked at the sensations he elicits, she resists him and decides to date a good guy—a disabled firefighter. Nick is drawn to Carol like a magnet to iron, and he sets out to prove that bad boys who hire themselves out can be good boys, too—especially in bed. Carol discovers she’s not dead to passion, but when Nick’s dirty laundry is aired, she regrets choosing the naughty over the nice. Will the spirit of Christmas teach her that sometimes, a huge lump of coal can turn into the brightest diamond of love?

My Rating: ★★★★★

My Thoughts:

This book is one you want to read. It is unique and not like another book I have read. It takes on the main character being in a wheelchair after an accident and a good looking guy. The girl has to resolve her feelings and come to terms with what happened to her while realizing that a good looking guy can fall in love with her. Carol learns that she has more passion and “feeling” than what she thought she did.

I loved seeing the real life emotions and events in this book. I didn’t feel that I was reading another book, same story line, but different character’s names. This book was actually different. I thought the story was well put together. It grabbed your attention from the beginning. Once you start reading it is definitely hard to put down. You want to know what happens and will the girl finally get her dream man. I enjoyed seeing all the conflict and that it wasn’t an easy boy meets girl and they get together. It kept you on your toes waiting for the outcome.

This is the first book I have read by this author and will not be my last. I am definitely going to go back and read the first two books in the series. Great job R. Ayala!

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